Interactive Semi-truck

I took part of the design and development of an interactive semi-truck for Fundación YPF. This truck informs about the story of energy and the new forms of renewable energy!

In the first stage of the truck you would encounter a interactive video telling you about the story of energy. The set-up consisted of 4 screens aligned and synced with touchscreen panels. This installation also has cameras that take a picture of the vivistors and invites them to the screen: Fundación YPF Semi-truck Fundación YPF Semi-truck In the second part of the truck you will find two sculptures projected and mapped to portray energy generation and energy consumption. This sculptures features an interactive water projection that is stimulated by the people touching the sculpture. It also has a model of a wind turbine that starts rotating when it receives a blow in its center. Fundación YPF Semi-truck Fundación YPF Semi-truck Fundación YPF Semi-truck

All of this lives inside a semi-truck that travels around Argentina all year long! Fundación YPF Semi-truck

Project by +OTROS.